Wedding trends that are here to stay in 2018

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Planning a wedding is an immensely heavy responsibility. Luckily with the advent of the culture of wedding planners and organizers, this tiresome and arduous task is taken care of with perfect finesse and magnificence. The added aspect of this shift in trend has brought with itself a more decorative and grand approach towards the planning of a wedding. Every year there are some new developments that raise the bar and up the wedding game. Here we are telling you about the hottest and most talked of wedding trend of 2018-2019.


Having traditional church wedding has already become largely obsolete and now the trend of having just a simple aisle is leaving us too. Gone are the days when the aisle was left undecorated and traditional simplicity was appreciated. The year 2018 has brought with itself the trend of decorating the aisles to the fullest, with either a grand look or an elegant one with a simplistic touch. It can be achieved by placing luscious pot plants covered in beautiful fabric and design all through the borders of the aisle or by arranging fairy lights in cohesion.


Our parents and grandparents have all had humungous wedding ceremonies with no less than 100 guests. The new trend that been developed is of a small wedding party, but an elegant one. This is also being applied to the bridesmaids and the groomsmen as well. Most couples these days prefer having a single maid of honor and a single best man to go forward with the wedding ceremony. This is in accordance to the trend where most modern couples rather enjoy a lavish honeymoon instead of spending on the wedding.


The glam and the extravaganza of weddings these days have a modern and sophisticated touch. Couples making wedding preparation themselves or through planners have set specifications for keeping the décor and the ambiance of the wedding venue a rather lighter one. Pastels like blue, ivory and beige are the hot color themes. Translucent touches, elegant architecture, clear tents, glass windows and opulent and delicate drapes, textured runway-inspired linens are the 2018-2019 go-tos.


The routines of the 21st century are busier than ever. Everybody has a jam-packed schedule with the minimum of free time. Couple getting married understand that more than anyone and have taken to task to make sure the guests have a memorable and customized time when they attend the wedding. A single entertainment source is being replaced with multiple ones and modern weddings nowadays employ tarot card readers, astrologists, magicians and roaming sketch artists to keep the guests engaged and the wedding interactive.


This one is an absolute winner. The wedding cake has always been the star of the wedding. But with the modern touch of elegance, sophistication, and personalisation it has been taken to a whole new level. The current trend is to cut it into small bite size pieces and then get it straight to the guests, wherever they are – be it their table or the dance floor. Hand painting the cake is a new trend that adds the bespoke touch as well as experimenting with incredible new flavours like, confetti, cookie and cream and Matcha to name a few.


Globalization has taken a toll on the wedding trends as well. As the tolerance and tranquility for different cultures and the curiosity of exploration are increasing, more couples prefer to step outside the comfort of their home country and choose to get married in a totally foreign land embracing their culture. This gives them a chance of tasting two incredibly new experiences-marriage and foreign culture. This also has an added advantage of bringing all family and friends together for an exciting and adventurous time in a totally foreign land which aids bonding and closeness.

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Couples these days want weddings to be more personalised and thus they want the venues to be someplace that is close to their lifestyle and makes them feel connected. This idea is being exhibited in more and more couples choosing customised wedding venues in coalition with their personal preference rather than following the stereotype. This year we witnessed weddings taking place in gyms, historic libraries and concert halls, estates with splendid backyards and pop-up barns. Choosing a non-traditional venue makes the wedding feel more unique and customised.


No wedding is complete without the newlyweds sharing their first dance on the dance floor. To make this moment more than memorable and to aid the photographers in capturing breathtaking aerial photographs, the trendsetters have come up with marble dance floors. The bride and groom twirling on a seemingly swirly marble floor make the scene look angelic and makes up for elegant and unique photographs. The colors are something that can be experimented with; either making the choice of going with the picturesque pastels or choosing something bold to contrast with the subtle and scenic theme.


Over the past few years, one stem bouquets were replaced by luscious and splendid multiple stemmed flower bouquets. With 2018, the trend of brides and the bridesmaids carrying one stemmed bouquet has resurfaced. For maximum effect and a whole lot of drama, the perfect choices are oversized tropical leaves like dinner plate dahlia, calla lily or a peony. Dogwood bouquets have also made many appearances throughout the weddings this year and for sprucing it up, even more, a couple of stems of baby’s breath would be absolutely perfect.


With customisation and personalisation the theme this year, it would be absolutely ludicrous to pay no attention to place cards. Although most couples are still using paper to fashion place cards, others are adding ingenious touches to them by adding fabric and scent. And this is not something at which they stop; some couples are opting for weddings with place cards made of flowers or plants or something edible like macaroons or assorted chocolates and confectionaries.