A Complete Guide to a Magical Winter Wedding

ww.pngThere is something serene and magical about weddings happening in winter. The ambience created by the cold and snowy weather gives the illusion of being in a wintery wonderland. However, planning a winter wedding requires a lot of work and careful arrangement.

We are here with a complete guide to help you make a magical winter wedding more enchanting with suggestions and ideas to put into action. Keep reading to find out more.


The Wedding Venue

You can let your imagination run wild when choosing a venue for a magical winter wedding. There is one obvious obstacle, however, and that is considering the ever-changing and possibly unpredictable weather. You are restricted to have indoor weddings as outdoor venues get highly uncomfortable given the cold. But take that as a perfect opportunity to get creative. Options can include a perfect cosy inn with a fireplace for a small closed wedding, or a large well-lit mansion if planning to go grand. But don’t forget the many marquees and tents available throughout New Zealand. Beautiful clear marquees can really set the scene, giving your guests a beautiful view of their surroundings while keeping them warmly enclosed inside a decorated tent.

Stay Warm

There is a lot of cozy playfulness and royalty which can be added to the bridal parties attire in a winter wedding. Make the groom and the groomsmen look noble and regal by getting dark coloured velvet suits and blazers which will keep them warm too. For the bride and her maids, adding stylish capes and faux fur stoles are all wonderful options. Plus you can experiment with gloves too.


Take Care of Your Guests

Keeping your guests warm and comfortable should be paramount in winter weddings. Welcome them with a warm seasonal drink like a hot chocolate or a cup of mulled wine to take care of the cold shivers. Gas heaters, decorative rugs and plush blankets will be on theme to keep everyone nice and toasty. For the end of the evening offer barista quality hot beverages from a coffee cart or truck.

Glam the Décor

Winter themes are all about dark and regal colours. Choose dark green or red drapes to give the space a cosier and warm look. Pick up some yellow fairly lights and adorn the entrance with them for a more magical look and set pillar candles on a bed of pine branches to decorate the entire space. Bright red cranberries in a bowl surrounding floating candles can be an economical and festive themed centrepiece. Pinecone place-cards for guests is a cute and creative way to set your tables.


Plan the Menu Intelligently

Filling the menu with intricate summery salads and tropical drinks is a no-go for a winter wedding. Make sure the menu includes things that will keep guests warm from the inside. Items such as juicy meat cuts, hot pies, gourmet soups with warm bread, followed with warm desserts like chocolate lava cakes, sticky date puddings, or fruit crumbles will compliment the cold weather. For a sweet treat on a whole new level, provide guests with ingredients to make their own s’mores over the fire!

Winter-up the Cake

Make it snow inside with some sugary fun by investing in a fabulously designed wedding cake. Go with the wintry theme and get a pure white, snowy cake decorated with silver or golden embellishments in the patterns of snowflakes. Go a step further and ask the caterer to decorate the cake with a custom snow globe topper. Minimalist geometric designs in metallic colours will stand out against clean white icing.

Favours for Your Guests

Winter weddings are perfect for experimenting with guest favours. Ditch the quintessential wedding souvenirs and let your guests leave the wedding with a box of homemade cookies or a hot chocolate and marshmallow mix.


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