What is a Bridesmaid’s Job Description?

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It’s your wedding day. Everything is running smoothly. Suddenly you cannot see your purse anywhere. And just like that reflexively you chant a call out to your bridesmaids. And that is what they are there for. Your most trusted people who you depend on, on your very special day. To help you all to-be bridesmaids to step up your game, we are today going to tell you that what exactly your job description is.


Put together the rehearsal dinner

Being the bridesmaid, you are given de-facto power to manage wedding related things for the bride. A good bridesmaid never lets the bride get under the stress of micromanaging and planning everything. After all, the bride needs to feel relaxed and stress-free for her big day. You along with some close friends are responsible for bringing everyone together for a nice rehearsal dinner. Making reservations, sending out invites, managing and taking care of the guests is all under your domain. Do not let your bride down.

Arrange the Bachelorette Party

A full night of partying, sharing crazy stories and much more is something that every bride deserves. Yes, we are talking about arranging the bridal shower. It has to be planned and executed by the bridesmaids. Every detail requires attention as your bride needs to feel really special. It does not mean that you get piled up under work and do not enjoy it yourself. Get some of your close girlfriends to help you out.


Buy yourself a dress

Although most brides getting married do take care of the bridesmaids’ dresses, some don’t. There is absolutely nothing to be glum about if your bride friend is of the latter category. Take this as an opportunity to add to your wardrobe. Buy a dress that goes with the wedding theme and can be used later too. This way you get to stay in budget too. Also, pay for your shoes and accessories if they are not being taken care of.


Hold the wedding party together

Do not be the lone wolf and sit all by yourself during the wedding party. You are the bride’s confidant. And she would absolutely want a hip wedding. Gather people together and get them to dance and participate. You have got to make sure that the bride and the guests do not go home talking about how dull the wedding was. So dance and party and enjoy yourself too after days of stress.


Tackle the bride’s nerves

If you are the chief bridesmaid, a.k.a the maid of honor, then being emotionally supportive for the bride is paramount. You are going to be the person she goes to with her cranky irritable tantrums and her wedding jitters. Do not be a schmuck and dismiss her concerns and worries, which would make you a horrible bridesmaid. Instead be supportive, caring and nurturing to let her make it to the final day absolutely sane.


Stay attentive during the ceremony

Everything needs to be perfect. This statement should be your motto for the wedding day. Awkward uncles and weird friends, who are prone to spoil the wedding by default, need to be kept an eye on by you-the bridesmaid. Make sure everything runs smoothly. From the bride’s bouquet, and accessories, to the wedding day speech blunders, from overwhelmed family to party crazy friends, from getting the wedding contingent organized to fixing the brides veil, all need to be taken care of by you!

Join the couple for the first dance

It is customary for the bride and the groom to have the dance floor all to them for the first dance. However, sometimes the bridesmaids join the couple for the first dance. If that is the case, then do not hesitate to join the happy couple. Pick your best man up and dance away. This way you respect the tradition and make your friend who is a new bride feel supported too.

It doesn’t end on the wedding day

Your role as the bridesmaid does not just end with the wedding day. Since you managed everything before and on the wedding day, you are by default expected to take care of everything afterwards too. So no matter how tired and hung-over you are from last night, get yourself to the wedding venue and start to pack the essentials. Wedding gifts, leftover souvenirs, and the couple’s essentials, all need to be packed and delivered to them safely by you.

Feel accomplished after it’s all over

Helping your bride friend with everything throughout her wedding is your prime responsibility. There will be times where you will hate the job, but just take a deep breath and power through. You get relieved after the giant has been put to sleep and also you may need her too someday when you’re the bride. Cheers!

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