You Can Do It with These Survival Tips, Mr. Groom!

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 6.01.02 PM.pngWe hope you are done with the difficult part of selecting a ring, planning a date, and proposing a ring to your partner. Well done bro! However next comes the trickiest part of all because here you need to make your fiancée feel special, make most of your wedding and survive the wedding ceremony planning plus the big day. The wedding planning is definitely the most frightening journey for most grooms it stands among all of the things men cannot stand as it consists of planning, shopping, talking, trying clothes, crying, arguing and looking all smart and fancy.  But it is time to show the manliness inside you and to prove the world and most of all to your fiancée that you can do it! For that, we present you some survival tips to thrive healthily during the pre-wedding and planning phase.

Get involved from the start!

As you already have asked your loved one to marry you that required most guts and as she has said yes get involved in the wedding process. You do not have to sit idly and watch things taking shape on their own around you rather be a man and choose to involve at every step as much as possible. Talk to your partner and ask her if she requires any help in the planning process.

This is the first opportunity for you and your bride-to-be to work as a team. Get along with her as smooth as you can on small little chores be it picking wedding flowers of her stage décor. Ask her questions like if she wants an outdoor or indoor wedding or wants help in making phone calls. Help her on deciding menu and cake. After a few years of your wedding when you will look back to the wedding planning time, it must look like a special time that taught the way you and your partner worked as a team. It is actually the process of building a foundation of your future marriage that is why it is crucial to make it successful.


After a few weeks of the time, your loved one said yes, celebrate an engagement with your family and friends and throw a knocking party. Always enjoy the post engagement part and do not get into the wedding planning process so fast that you overlook the prospect of enjoying to being engaged. Take a deep breath and do not catch up in searching a lavish wedding venue so early. Take a few moments to enjoy the freshly engaged sentiment. Select your groomsmen and let loose with them. Buy some special presents for them and set up a few days with them kayaking, playing paintball, fishing, golfing or whatever you wish to let loose with them.

Have Opinion but don’t debate!

Separating oneself from wedding planning is quite an easy process for guys especially when claws and fangs come out on small little things like ribbon colour or cake icing. Yet it is not the time to have an excuse for not having an opinion. Your partner wishes to see you involved and engaged in every phase of the planning process. Well, we are not advising you to open debate about the placement of the wedding cake with the mom of your bride but have an opinion and know when to voice your thoughts. It will make your bride loved and valued.


You may think isn’t it a bit early to plan the honeymoon yet it is the perfect time to do it. Get on with booking tickets of the plane and hotel rooms to avoid getting an expensive booking in the end. Plan as early as possible and save the airplane ticket money on your honeymoon. This is the fun part dude! It is quite contrary to planning a stressful wedding day as traditions and cultural headaches are not tied to your limbs.

The honeymoon should be as laid-back and exotic as you want. You can keep the honeymoon destination a surprise and if you wish to plan it according to the wishes of your partner, ask a vague question to know what she wants. Otherwise plan the vacations together to make most of it.

Marriage License

Get the marriage license by making a date with your bride-to-be. You can make this date exciting by doing a “no-wedding-talk-pact” and then take her out on a creative date. You may purchase the license from country/territory/province where your event will take place. If you wish to get married in a country other than your residential state then you may get the information by contacting the consular office of the said country. Going on this productive date with help you build a strong relationship with your fiancée by letting her have a break from the strenuous wedding planning process.

Clothing on the big day

Your dress at your wedding is actually a joint decision with your bride. Other than the main dress you must have a replacement set of socks, shirts and underwear. These fresh gears will keep you looking and most importantly feel good. There is no harm in keeping an extra pair of shoes dedicated for dancing so that you are footloose and fresh all the way.  It is your responsibility to procure the measurements of your groomsmen. This is one of the trickiest tasks as it involves coordinating with a bunch of people who often are not in the same town. Try getting over with this task as early as possible.


Try to record every fun moment of your wedding planning process with video camera and gadgets. Walk around stores with your fiancée and shoot whatever you wish. She will be picking up dishes and cutlery while you will be recording her smiles or anger in case things are not working well. These are the memorable moments that you may enjoy together after the big day.

From decoration to flowers, drinks to food and lighting option, your wedding day is a reflection of your relationship with your wife-to-be. Make sure it depicts your unique personalities as a couple yet try to make the wedding planning as fun as possible.