How we used Augmented Reality (AR) for our wedding…


Getting married in this age of technology gives us so many options and features to help make your day more unique and special.

Being a huge technology buff I was on the hunt for cool and new ideas to make our day different. This is when I stumbled across augmented reality (AR). For those of you that aren’t familiar, AR is a technology that superimposes virtual content into the user’s real world environment.

After some intense Google research I had pieced together a way to use this technology to give our wedding a unique touch.

The idea was to send Thank You cards to our guests with our hidden message embedded on the front of the card. Our guests were prompted to download an app, open it up and hover their camera over the front image on the card. This is where the magic would unfold.

Check out our finished product here:

How it Works

We used an app developed by Aurasma called HP Reveal, this app lets you take any still image and lace it with a hidden image or even a video with audio!

To begin, you simply select a photo or still image to use as a ‘prompt’ for the app to commence your predefined video when the viewer hovers their camera phone over it. For our virtual content we used wedding photos by our incredible photographer Jim Pollard at ‘Pollard We Are’ to make a mini photo slideshow/video.

There are a few little tricks you will need to know to give your guests the best AR experience:

  1. You will need to create 2 accounts with the app HP Reveal.
    a. The first account you will use to upload your still image and embed the video.
    b. You will use the second account to follow your first account and provide logins to your guests/viewers. The good news is that everyone can share the same logins. This eliminates the hassle of having everyone create their own account.
    c. Now guests/viewers can simply download and open the app, login with the provided username and password, and then point the app at your image to see the hidden message.
  2. Obviously you will need a way to get these instructions to your guests. For our Thank You cards, we included a small business card with instructions on the back. The instructions explained that there was a hidden message on this card and that all they needed to do was download this app (link was provided), use the below username and password (don’t forget to include this!), and hover your camera phone over the photo on the front of the card.

AR has been around for a while but is only now being seen among mainstream/everyday users. As with all technology this will soon become a feature that comes second nature to us.

Ride this exciting trend wave now to give your guests an unique and unforgettable experience!