Where did marriage come from and why do we do it in 2019?

Untitled design (5).pngThe concept of marriage is a unique one. A bond or partnership that goes above and beyond vows made in front of plenty of witnesses. Marriage is an important step many of us take with the hopes of spending the rest of our lives with an individual who can care, understand and standby all the tests of time together as one.

But how did the existence of marriage come into being? Where does marriage originate from? And above all, why do people get married. In case you happen to be pondering about questions like these, we’ve answered your call.

Here is everything you need to know about marriage. From existence and concept to the reasons why, we’re going in depth by outlining everything you need to know about marriage in all its glory. So let’s take a look!


How did marriage come into being –Origins and Concept?

If you think marriage is currently defined as moonstruck partners who pledge their eternal love for one another- we’d like to add a little more insight into your starry eyed outlook with a number of modern origins.

Marriage believe it or not has ancient roots. But it was only till recent times that the concept of love had anything to do with it.

Yes you heard that right, marriage came into being without having much at all to do with the relationship between a man and his woman. Marriage was thought of as a means of gaining up on in-laws, expanding the labor force of the family as well as producing alliances.

As time evolved, plots of land inherited by families paved way as a resourceful means of marketing the economies while the Kings succeeded power towards democracies, the concept of marriage also began to transform. Today, marriage is viewed as a notion or bond that is between two equals with the prevalence of love and sheer companionship.


Is marriage for all- Top reasons as to why you should get married?

There are plenty of reasons to take a leap in faith and say I Do but is marriage for all?  The answer is yes, considering you’ve reached that certain point in time where you can handle the responsibilities that marriage brings with it. Research shows that a fantastic marriage is actually good for health while a bad one can turn into an absolute heartbreaker. Well, there’s surely no surprise there.

And just in case you’re wondering why we’re all up for the notion of marriage or you seem to be considering tying the knot very soon, here are the top reasons why you should get married.


It’s a new beginning to many more great things ahead

The bond of marriage goes above and beyond a standard physical union. Marriage is a wonderful opportunity to start over and to grow upon selflessness with your wife and children of course. This spiritual as well as emotional union is truly something special and can only be experienced by those bonded in the sacred pact.

You get to understand the true value of oneness

When a man gets married to a woman, they are no longer seen as two individuals but as one. This bond can be compared to nothing else as it provides a life partner, a pillar of strength and a team player to overcome the numerous obstacles and challenges that life may throw at them together.

Marriage is a design mirroring the concept of purity

Marriage has been created for purity. As every minute passes by, we as individuals are under constant temptation from numerous directions. Marriage gives individuals the support and strength, rids that temptation and defeats all odds via engagement in the deepest and most satisfying love. This is a love like no other. A love that manages to provide, receive and attain to your mate via physical, emotional and spiritual means.

It’s all about the magic of love

Every marriage has been designed to reflect the Creator’s unconditional and undeniable love for its creations. This love is everlasting and shall never depart or forsake those bonded in marriage. When two married individuals love each other without bounds, true contentment with sheer joy is sure to follow.

Marriage is cheaper for both partners

With economies fluctuating as we speak, we can never term ourselves financially secure at any certain point in time. The single life is a complicated and expensive one too. Marriage on the other hand, divides costs equally as you’re sharing with one another. From children’s expenses to house rent, insurance, food, loans and more- life is truly greener when married.

Marriage is a great source for improved social networking

Yes this one may come to you as a surprise. But marriage allows each partner to benefit from each other’s social networks. This is a fabulous means of gaining up on better returns, establishing greater connections and paving way to a world full of resources.

Children get more opportunities when their biological parents are married

From reaping great benefits of family insurance to wonderful home ownership and high incomes, children are able to benefit to a much greater extent with married parents. This is because; marriage makes parents stronger financially, giving their kids plenty of opportunities. This can include enhanced educational opportunities, better health care and more.

Marriage is a great means of indulging upon shared goals and realistic expectations

From travelling the world to starting a family business or simply enjoying breakfast in bed, marriage is an alluring method to indulge upon a shared set of goals and realistic expectations you may have as a couple.