Wedding tips from a Minimalist

it's a bowling birthday party (11)Minimalist weddings are the rage these days and just because you’ve kept things limited, it surely doesn’t mean you need to miss out on any of the major experiences. Yes you heard that right. Approaching your wedding with a minimalist mindset is related to focusing on major essential details with the benefit of being stress free and enjoying the entire wedding planning process.

Minimalist weddings emphasise upon quality elements over quantity, allowing to appreciate how splendid the little things in life really are. From downsizing on décor and keeping that venue setting basic to allowing loved ones to gather in a certain area to celebrate your love story, here’s everything you need to know for an enchanting minimalist wedding.


Simplicity is key when it comes to venues

It’s the venue that holds great significance during the entire planning process and we recommend sticking to classics. What could possibly be more minimalist yet alluring than hosting your wedding at a stunningly white modern day chapel? Situated in the middle of luscious greenery, it truly doesn’t get any more blissful than this.


Keep that slate neat and clean

Why go head over heels with backdrops when the entire idea of a background is to make the subject stand out more? Avoid mixing up hues by sticking to glorious white textural elements. It’s a fresh and organic vibe that screams minimalist from miles away.


Stay on schedule without going over the top

Wedding programs are handed out to help guests know their schedule for the evening. Instead of bursting your programs cards with unnecessary colourful detailing, keep it elegantly chic by incorporating a little flower or a tiny branch, giving the perfect beginning to your wedding’s theme.


Say yes to that dress

Your dress selection says a lot about who you are and simple yet elegant attire is sure to do the right type of talking at your minimalist wedding. Let go of the lace and rhinestone embellishments and embrace flattering and feminine silk attire in absolute glory.


Accessorise every step of the way

Just because your dress is simple, doesn’t mean you can’t play your way around accessories. Pick your favourite amongst dainty and sparkly creations that give the perfect hit of delicate flair.


Simple hairstyles speak miles

Simple chignon buns are a sophisticated hairstyle trend that amalgamates grace and modern day elegance the right way. At the same time, the hairstyle manages to highlight the biggest showstopper of the evening- You!


Welcome guests the right way this season

Welcome guests’ right into your wedding celebration with a stylish table that seats your guest book while possessing memorabilia of the bond you share with your partner. Say no to clutter by opting for things that hold great value and create the right impact.


Set that table with absolute grace

The beauty of incorporating small natural components is what adds special meaning to minimalist table settings. There’s lots of inherent charm that’s sure to be picked on by guests seated at your reception.


Go modern chic with table numbers

Keep that table décor modern day chic by placing table numbers as solely numbers and not signs, cards or frames. Make them visibly white and decent in size to be spotted from miles away.


Short and sweet menus for the win

Minimalist weddings call for short and sweet catering menus and the cake element is no exception. Focus on food you love and remember to opt for a cake that adds the perfect dose of character with natural floral accents for the win.