Top 4 Alternative Weddings

Written by Renae Ingram.

I love a good wedding, don’t get me wrong. But the ones I love the most are the ones that throw caution to the wind and fully embrace an alternative lifestyle or view. Whether that be eloping on some remote island, a glitter-filled vegas party or a low key backyard bash.

Without further “I Do” (..I’m so sorry..) Here are my top 4 alternative weddings;

Number 4
Model/musician Josh Beech and Actress Shenae Grimes-Beech, shared a fun-filled day with their nearest and dearest in a lush English garden. An intimate ceremony with elegant simple touches rounded out the affair!

The Dress – Shenae wore a stunning black lace and tulle gown by Vera Wang with an intricate low cut back. After trying on a few traditional white lacy, albeit boho inspired gowns, Shenae decided none fit the bill for her. Shenae has said that following getting butterflies on seeing her gown online, she tried the gown on in the flesh and immediately felt like herself. Not one to leave the boys out, Josh wore a custom made three piece suit by Saint Laurent, a classic black number for a dapper groom.

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.06.44 pm

Joe Hunt Photography

The Styling – with an overall dark coloured wedding, Shenae and Josh opted for a classically autumnal flower palette of deep berries and forest greens to match the gorgeous lush English garden backdrop. There isn’t a lot of detail available on the Beech Wedding but from what we can see it was a quaint, low key bash!

The Photography – Very few photos are floating around for these nuptials (though who can blame them, they live their lives in front of a camera). Josh and Shenae have shared candid snaps but from what we can see, little to no professional snaps have been released apart from the above by London based photographer Joe Hunt.

My fave shot from this wedding? See below for happiness personified…

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.07.02 pm

Source unknown.

Number 3
Seal Trainer Jane Dee and Librarian John Doe… okay, so it basically broke my poor wee heart when I realised that this was an editorial shoot and not a legit wedding; but by golly you’re a fool if you think that means I won’t feature it! The industrial feel to this wedding makes my heart sing! The copper, the colour splashes, the cape; *insert heart eye emoji here* it’s all a win in my book!

The Dress – if you’re not wearing a star embroidered cape on your wedding day are you even getting married? This shoot features a simple silk gown with aforementioned celestial inspired cape earlier on in the piece; progressing to a beaded two-piece with a stunning tulle ruffled bolero and finishing with the most to DIE for, badass painted leather jacket… see below for photographic proof of this mastery..

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.07.21 pm

Ayelle Photography

The Styling – If I could copy and paste this exact styling for my own wedding (she says laughing at her very single self) I can honestly say I wouldn’t change much, the stunning almost oceanic blue tones and edgy yet glam themes throughout are like they’re directly from my own brain. The use of copper piping and metallic accents with gorgeous oversized floral arrangements add a more luxurious touch to this otherwise industrial themed shoot. See below for the mind-blowingly beautiful setup…

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.11.33 pm

Ayelle Photography

The Photography – Ayelle Photography deserves all the credit they get for this immaculate shoot. The photos produced are clean, crisp and capture the warm vibe wholly. Here are a few of the standouts.

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.11.42 pm

 Ayelle Photography

See more from this epic shoot including how you can hire their services for your own nuptials here –


Number 2
Zoe, Lawyer/Go-go dancer & Dominic, Filmmaker, got hitched in Perth, Western Australia at Zoe’s family property. Between the 4 dress changes, running out of food and a pirate celebrant you’d be forgiven for thinking this wedding would have been a shambles, but it was anything but!

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.11.52 pm

 Matsu Photos

The Dress(es) – Zoe sported four dresses for her big day, the first, an elegant, flared sleeve gown, the second a to die for lace, tassels and embroidered shift dress, the third a cold shoulder, high necked flapper dress ( perfect for dancing) and the fourth; a more comfy number for the remainder of the evening. The second incarnation of the day was by far my fave, see the gorgeousness below…

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.12.04 pm

Matsu Photos

The Styling – Zoe and Dominic have a very bohemian chic vibe going on here, with a homemade maypole and dancefloor situated in a horse run being a key element in their day. Lots of vintage-esque touches rounded out a very autumnal feel colour palette, and gorgeous strings of fairy lights lined the checkerboard dance floor. Guests sat on cushions and rugs on the ground, under the trees and were treated to paella, donut walls and lamb and gravy rolls – sticking with the relaxed vibe of the day. Described as a “music festival, tent village wedding” Zoe and Dominic went all out, with 4 DJ’s spinning vinyl and a live band (with horn section) they boogied away into the night, with Zoe finally retiring at 5am.

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.12.12 pm

Matsu Photos

The Photography – The use of the natural backdrop for this day provided a shoot full of organic beauty. The autumnal shades of the tents and decorations rounding out the gorgeous colour palette. An intimate photo shoot in a lush green corner proved the finishing touch on this gorgeous photographers style. Loads of colour, feeling and variety. Perth Based, Matsu Photos captured the sheer joy of the day and the unique personalities of the happy couple. The use of light throughout the evening has resulted in a perfect documentation of the whole night in a fluid timeline; starting with the sunny daytime ceremony and continuing through to the raucous nighttime festival. See more from this frivolous festival wedding here….

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.12.20 pm

Matsu Photos

Number 1
The motherlode… Sticks and Stone Vegas Wedding; this “un-wedding” is everything… It’s got glitter, it’s got tattoos, it’s got smoke bombs, Elvis and the cutest, most unique photography I’ve seen in a while.  Australian couple Ainsley Hutchence and Sebastien Fogere jetted to Vegas because “they thought it would be funny” and inadvertently became my idols.

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.12.29 pm

 Janneke Storm

Firstly, the dress, ohhhh the dress. I’m obsessed. Give me glitter any day, what a way to shine, the cut out back, the mullet hemline, the high neck; everything about this dress screams rock n roll wedding. I love it. Alex Mearing made this incredible gown especially for Ainsley and to be frank I think she got the perfect mix of glam and whimsy. Ideal for a Vegas elopement…

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.12.42 pm

Janneke Storm

Next, the styling -“Glam grunge” would be the label I’d apply here, but it struggles to fit any of the normal boxes. This wedding manages to incorporate fluoro road cones into their photography and they don’t seem out of place! I read somewhere that Ainsley and Sebastien didn’t go to Vegas with a plan and just let everything happen as it happened, well they didn’t disappoint. The contrasting black and whites with the neons and colours of Vegas is such a winning combo! The smoke bombs added an element of colour and flair to what could have been an otherwise uninspiring background. Despite being in Las Vegas they used very little of the traditional Vegas backdrops, instead opting for abandoned motels and caravan parks as their backdrop – theoretically, it shouldn’t have worked but it is oh so right for this affair.

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.12.55 pm

Janneke Storm

The Photography – Tongue in cheek doesn’t really cut it.. Photographer Janneke Storm absolutely nailed this non-brief. I’ve never met these two in my life but I feel like I know them through these shots. Queensland based Storm has a unique knack for capturing the soul of the couple, not just the feel of the day. The sheer joy and chaos that work hand in hand for these images shines through. The juxtaposition of this colourful couple plonked on the streets of Vegas is something very special. Fave photo 35/52

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 4.13.03 pm

Janneke Storm

Unique touch – With matching tattoos to commemorate the occasion this wedding goes down as the most effortlessly cool elopement out. Ainsley and Sebastien nailed their big day – what a killer way to tie the knot! – see more from their Vegas bash here…