How to Write a Maid of Honour Speech!

All it takes are some simple steps to draft out a heartfelt message for those that mean most- in this case, it’s the newlywed couple.

Being chosen as the bride’s maid of honour is a moment of true pride. There’s a reason behind this wonderful acknowledgment and it usually has to do with your fabulous relationship with the bride.

Whether you’re sisters by blood or family at heart, you’re definitely a close affiliate who knows the bride in and out. And that’s why delivering a wonderful speech that appropriately congratulates the new couple is a task you’re expected to nail.

And to help you out, we’ve outlined some great pointers that will assist you in putting together a toast that the newlywed couple will cherish for years to come.

Mark the date of the wedding and start planning ahead

Overnight miracles won’t cut it when it comes to a good maid of honour speech. Circle the wedding date on the calendar and start jotting down pointers that you’d like to include. Remember, great speeches require planning so start by thinking about what you’d like to say and how you’d like to say it. Don’t forget to leave plenty of time for practice, especially if you’re not used to public speaking.

Follow a formula and stick to it

Blueprints comprising of notes that strike it big when it comes to crowd-pleasing is a wonderful tool to use. Step one should involve introducing yourself and the established connection you portray with the bride. This should be followed by a slow cascade into a lighthearted anecdote. This can comprise words that describe your strong bond, favorite moments spent together and any personal qualities that make the bride special. Right before you wish the couple well with a toast, don’t forget to remind the groom how lucky he is to have a partner like her.

Understand who your audience is

During the brainstorming process of your speech, there are a few tips regarding things you should be mindful of. And the biggest one of them all is a list comprising of unmentionable exes. Remember, humor should always be done with class and decency. Bringing up past experiences like these is simply termed distasteful in all wedding books. Don’t forget that inside jokes also have little to no room in formal settings like these. You may, however, utilize those for the bachelorette party.

It’s ok to write it down

We’re not telling you to memorize your speech word by word. A glance here and there at your note cord during the speech is termed perfectly alright. List down bullets or a whole outline of points you’d like to cover and go on from there.

Time is of the essence

You may appear to be charming but remember that time is truly of the essence. Your toast should never exceed that 90 second time mark. Experts recommend practicing within the 60 second mark as that’s the true sweet spot. Breathe during the speech and avoid rushing in your delivery for an award winning acceptance.

Mentioning of the groom is always a delight to hear

The bride is definitely the one you’re representing but the event you’re present at is in honour of the couple as a whole. After talking about how great the bride is; a simple yet praiseworthy notion of the groom is always seen as a great gesture by all.

Wrap up the speech in absolute style

Whether it’s a quote recitation or a few renowned lyrics, ending your speech in style is definitely the direction to head towards. Pull your speech together effortlessly by ending on a high note as you wish the couple nothing but well on their journey ahead.